About gyroFIRE

gyroFIRE is building a platform that lets anyone create augmented reality applications. Beyond just a game, this paradigm also works with apps such as shoot to shop, or aim to tag that one thing in the photo. Crazy, right? You can yell at the platform's sole creator and engineer on twitter @yosun

ownAPK for your own (free Glass) app?

Sign up to the list on ownAPK.com and email yosun for advance access.

Sponsorship and Investment

Always open to discussion, and perfectly willing to accept when the offer makes sense. gyroFIRE is kind of on angelist.

gyroFIRE Platform

Oh, yes, there's also a platform and a Glass simulator - check it out here. A dumbified version is on iOS and Android too - just search for Google Glass in the app stores.


gyroFIRE - the game - is currently a free app, but you are free to donate on gittip. Perks: high priority feature requests!

Is this an app store?

Disclaimer: this is not an app store; it's just a way for me to make sure that my app is only downloaded by Glass owners and to keep track of people who have downloaded my app.